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Sinusoidal Artist
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Years active 1987-
Origin Vancouver, Canada
Genre(s) Psychedelic, Noise
Label(s) Sinusoidal
Members Fritter
Postman Pat
Shmeeb 42

G42 is one of the founding artists on Sinusoidal. G42 is an audio adventure that improvises using location recordings, software, acoustic objects and DIY electronics to create soundscapes of a whimsical or sinister nature.


The Gathering (1986-1989)

During the second annual camping trip organized by Fritter, Carmodious, Xymon, and Sgt. Brick, the name G42 was given to this ragtag band of fugitives during a secret meeting between Fritter and Carmodious. Shmeeb 42 became a regular by the third year and Doug showed up for a few beers.

The earliest G42 recordings, dubbed the Portable Noyz project, featured Fritter, Carmodious, Xymon, and Dave Newby but these were nothing more than chaotic jam sessions and were never produced for release. This period however remains a central inspiration for their later material.

Early Recordings (1989-1991)

One night in 1989, blessed with free access to studio space at the Toy Palace (now defunct) as well as Pizza and beverages, Fritter and Shmeeb recorded anything their minds could force the equipment into producing. Having zero prior experience with electronic music gear between them, they recorded well into the night and created the first G42 album, which would come to be known as Minimum Clearance 1134 Wembley's Earotica.

The following year, Fritter and Shmeeb once again gained access to studio space. Many more late-night recording sessions would follow in Studio X (now also defunct) which was located in the basement of the house where Fritter was staying.

During the summer of 1991, CgE{tr.ly_t243T (often credited as Dan 243) worked with Fritter on a side-project called 242+243=EEEK!! and one track from this project is included on later versions of MC1134WE as bonus content. 242+243=EEEK!! did not produce anything else that survived but these two would start another project in 1993 by the name of Cops Cabs and Crazy People and four tracks from this project are also included as bonus content on a greatly expanded version of MC1134WE, released in 1993. The name Cops Cabs and Crazy People would not be used again until it became the working title for their 2005 podcast project.

Limp Sink (1991-1994)

Acquiring a select time slot on UBC's CiTR Radio, Fritter and Shmeeb 42 start to broadcast Limp Sink every Friday night from midnight to 08:00. Joined a few months later by Postman Pat, the Limp Sink radio show was the prime source of all the recorded material during this time, resulting in two full-length albums and one 3-minute single. In 2005, Sinusoidal would release the Theatre of Noise Collection, including all of the material from these three albums.

The Ranch (1994-1997)

During this period, the Limp Sink show kept on going but the most significant result was a lot of partying and backyard barbecues at the Ranch. Unfortunately, very few recordings have survived.

In the spring of 1994, the G42 crew made several DAT recordings in an abandoned cistern. Their first purely accoustic collection, this would later become the only release from this period.

Dark Ages (1997-2001)

Also known as the Galactic Payback, the band was all but disintegrated during this time. The Limp Sink show had been cancelled in a wave of scandal and without access to the radio station equipment, there was little time or funds for recording.

Digital Noise Rebirth (2001-2005)

In the Autumn of 2001, Fritter and CgE{tr.ly_t243T make a pact to record every Wednesday night for the sake of sanity.

The style of music during this period had become very noisey and primarily computer based. By 2004, G42 had performed their first live show and albums started being produced again.

Cops Cabs and Crazy Podcasts (2005-2009)

By the Autumn of 2005, the Wednesday night sessions had waned to approximately one every two weeks. One Wednesday night recording is published on a new podcast titled Cops Cabs and Crazy People. Most of the following Wednesday night recordings would also be added to this podcast. The length of each podcast recording would vary greatly but were about 30 minutes, on average.

Producing the podcast would limit the production of new albums but increase the overall output significantly, releasing a new almost-album-length track about twice a month.

On September 28th, 2008, G42 performed its first overseas show in Tokyo, Japan.

Sickness, Death, and Mourning (2009-)

A hiatus is imposed on the band for various reasons.

At about this same time, both CgE{tr.ly_t243T and Fritter start to collect and build modular synths which is leading to a very different sound. Some recordings are made but nothing is yet published, even on the podcast.

At this time, no new podcasts, CDs, or live shows have been planned.


  1. 1990 - Minimum Clearance 1134 Wembley's Earotica - Reissued in 1993 and 2000 with additional material.
  2. 1992 - Jack Maynard - Reissued in 2005 as part of the Theatre of Noise Collection.
  3. 1992 - Helium - Reissued in 2005 as part of the Theatre of Noise Collection.
  4. 1993 - LSDC10 - Reissued in 2005 as part of the Theatre of Noise Collection.
  5. 1994 - Cistern Sessions
  6. 2003 - Bound in Human Flesh
  7. 2004 - Live at the Meat Ball - Not available through Sinusoidal.
  8. 2005 - Luminous Mirror

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