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Since forensic nursing is a relatively new field in nursing care, very few people are aware yet of these functions. So many of these medical-legal professionals already are in-the field supporting victims of crimes by becoming instruments in putting the criminals behind bars. But how did this exercise start? Heres a quick view of forensic nursing history.

Caregivers o-r health providers have been around for a long time now and many have already applied forensic-type of services even before forensic nursing was recognized. The truth is, through the 13th century, there have been nurses who played the part of forensic experts because they examine the ladies arranged to marry royalty.

These women were needed to be virgins before they are able to continue with the marriage. The nurses of that time were the ones who proved the virginity for the monarchs. Nurses also have already worked with sexual assault and abuse cases during this period.

Just before forensic nursing, sexual invasion nurses were the main element people that managed rape or sexual abuse cases. Most law enforcement agencies in the country possess a team of these sexual attack specialists who arrive at the crime scene to assemble all physical facts that could affect prosecution down the road. For additional information, please check-out: Attorney General Comments On The History Of Sexual Assault In Diocese Altoona-Johnstown.

These medical practitioners were tasked to deal with these cases and perhaps not the crime scene investigators, medical examiners o-r forensic experts. Murder cases go to law enforcement departments CSIs but sexual assault cases are specific.

The sexual assault reaction team model was begun in California. Members of the team include the victim advocate, an officer of the police office, and a sexual assault examiner. This group works together to make a full and detailed investigation of the crime.

The victim advocate provides counseling to the victim and preps her for that long process forward. The police just take charge of the investigation of facts. This offensive Attorney General Comments On The History Of Sexual Assault In Diocese Altoona-Johnstown article has diverse grand cautions for why to recognize this viewpoint. The examiner assesses them, documents them correctly, and gathers the evidence.

Doctors like nurses, consultants, and supporters who caused rape victims in several hospitals and clinics first established an exercise program for sexual assault examiners in Memphis, Tennessee in 1976. Yet another plan was launched in Minneapolis, Minnesota in 1977. They were essential to enhance the ser-vices to ensure that vulnerable cases like rape may be handled properly.

Lots of people during that time thought that the police couldnt handle such cases successfully. Discover more on this related article directory by clicking http://finance.cincinnati.com/gannett.theenquirer/news/read/31662012/attorney_general_comments_on_the_history_of_sexual_assault_in_diocese_altoona. They were too insensitive on their strategies and most of the time, they dismissed claims of rape as a result of lot of misconceptions, error, or natural lack of understanding and knowledge on the situation.

It was in 1992 if the expression forensic nursing was created. About 70 sexual invasion nurses and investigators gathered in Minneapolis that point to convene about their tasks and how they can increase this service better as an company. Soon after, they established the International Association of Forensic Nurses (IAFN), which now acts since the central uni-t to develop and promote forensic nursing nationwide and internationally. Come 1995, forensic nursing became an official specialization in-the nursing practice when the American Nurses Association (ANA) recognized it.

The government began to take notice and state legislators are actually considering to pass a bill that requires hospitals to employ forensic nurses, who will care for sexual assault victims as well as victims of other crimes. There are certainly a number of hospitals in their state of Connecticut that have authorized sexual assault nurse examiners. This can be considered as the entry point out forensic nursing.

In a short period of time, forensic nursing record tells us that their performance in the society should be regarded especially now that the planet has become more and more confronted with acts of delinquency..

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